Rodolfo shares on topics from Mindfulness to Empowered Leadership to Conscious Relationship
With nearly 200 speaking engagements in 11 different countries, 6 books, and a growing online presence, Rodolfo is a man on a mission to Inspire 1 Million Hearts.
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Who Is Rodolfo and why is he the #1 Choice Companies Seek out for Motivational Keynotes and CEO's and celebrities seek out for Advice?
Master Speaker, NLP Practitioner, International Author, & Celebrity Coach

Rodolfo has 21+ certifications and nearly 20 years experience as a professional speaker with over 175 speaking engagements in 11 different countries and thousands of client testimonials.

Working primarily with CEO's, celebrities, and top thought leaders, Rodolfo's motivational keynotes, accelerated breakthrough coaching, books and online media inspire people globally to have powerful positive impact in their industries and professions.

He spent two years in silent practice to drop deeply into his heart and find communication through presence, acknowledgment, and connection.

Rodolfo is an internationally acclaimed author and a contributing writer for several online publications.

In corporate keynotes, Rodolfo inspires CEO's, managers, and their teams with his motivational talks focused on leadership, empowerment, communication strategies, and positive workflow.

In breakthrough coaching sessions, Rodolfo leads clients to increased clarity, mindset shifts, release of old patterns and stories, "outside the box" thinking for creative problem solving, and powerful communication to clearly convey goals and direction.
"Anyone that has a commitment to be in silence, in pure silence for one year, is a man you've got to know.  I have so much respect for his heart, his love, and his integrity." 
Kute Blackson, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Singer
"Rodolfo is holistic in all ways, and I would have him guide me anywhere."  
Janet Bray Attwood, NY Times Best-Selling Author of "The Passion Test"
"Rodolfo is emanating so much without words that it is an inspiration for people to understand the real core of human communication!"  -  Richard Greene, Communication Strategist for Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs.
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For speaking inquiries - [email protected]
For coaching inquiries -  [email protected]
For Heart Opening Work - [email protected]
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